Taholistic WellFest

Join us for an incomparable wellness and fitness event in which your three-day package includes exclusive access to celebrity trainers Tracy Anderson and Harley Pasternak and acclaimed medical expert Dr. Mark Hyman

Bolivia Offers Luxury Glamping

Head to Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia where you will find the world’s largest salt flat. With its bright white sand it truly resembles a desert. Before you know it though you’ll have reached Kachi Lodge which is located in this vastness and near the Tunupa Volcano. While it’s true you are in the middle of emptiness, your eyes will set upon this property with its unique domes that serve as accommodations.

Guess Which Restaurant Ranks #1 in the World?

Nestled between France and Italy, is the luxurious French Riviera where the town of Menton is home to Mirazur now known as the “Best Restaurant in the World 2019” . This is the first time a French restaurant has received this honor since these awards were launched in 2002. However, let’s not feel bad given the place has three Michelin stars.