You are in a land far, far away and you are swept into a dreamlike state.  It is your fairytale based on your destination experience.  The adventure that awaits is singular, spectacular and iconic in every sense of the word.

However far your destination takes you to- it is a luxury experience that envelops you in that moment.  You enter the time machine and you are standing at the battlefield of Waterloo in Belgium marching next to Napoleon Bonaparte, but change direction and you are standing absolutely and utterly alone in front of one of the world’s most fantastic art masterpieces this is right before you head to Los Angeles to attend a movie premiere or the Oscars – and you are smiling at legendary actors Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson.  It’s a big day for you – no matter what – because this is your ultimate experience – anything can happen and so many things can be created and customized to your specifications.

The destination experience is your LuxePass to exotic and unusual places in this world.    To explore civilization, history and its culture can take you from the outer limits of space to the unknown depths of the oceans.  Open your mind to the impossible – visit an excavation or archeological site not open to the public and partake in the actual process of discovery and wonderment.   Climb the Himalayas, jump on the back of a motorcycle with Steven Tyler, explore the world with an explorer, sleep with the Aborigines or bungee jump from the darkest and most secretive place on earth.

Destination is your wedding, your birthday, your anniversary, your vacation, your incentive, your corporate program – your celebration.  It is one mile away from your house; it is halfway across the globe.

Now that you have reached your destination open your mind to the endless experiences gathering before you – gastronomy, art, fashion, entertainment, history, and sports.  The destination provides everything – let your imagination soar.

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