With offices throughout the United States and an international network of resources, our staff provides client solutions and utilizes strategic alliances through a vast portfolio of global contacts.

Our staff has expertise in:

With more than sixteen years of ad sales and marketing experience at entertainment companies such as Discovery Networks, Sony Pictures and MTV, Victoria maintains an extensive corporate roster of clients.

Victoria Hoffman
Our agency provides event management, luxury ``bucket list`` experiences inclusive of hospitality programs, and unique marketing strategies to provide client solutions - most particularly in the affluent sector. We create platforms in art, gastronomy, entertainment, fashion and sports thereby expanding client databases, enhancing brands, and offering new revenue streams with a nontraditional approach -event-driven business development and marketing campaigns by creating promotions, sponsorships, multi platform opportunities and brand integration.

For fun, I enjoy writing and have published articles from my travels to India and have a manuscript which I hope to publish. It is a humorous account of Miami society and its nightlife.


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