Holiday Travel: What COVID Test Should You Take?

Shortly, the holidays will be upon us and soon we will usher in 2021. Many people are ready to enjoy a trip to see friends or family in the coming weeks. While the pandemic is still prevalent be armed with knowledge and know what COVID tests you should consider taking.

Take a Trip Beyond the Ordinary

The thrill of standing atop sky-high sea cliffs. The feeling of diving into history, one landmark at a time. And the warmth of Ireland’s famously welcoming culture. Let your heart lead the way with luxury accommodations and exclusive experiences throughout Dublin, Cork, Killarney, Belfast, and beyond.

Extraordinary Places of Nature

Next time you are looking for a nature travel trip and want to hone in on your photography skills try some of these unique and memorable places.

Bolivia Offers Luxury Glamping

Head to Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia where you will find the world’s largest salt flat. With its bright white sand it truly resembles a desert. Before you know it though you’ll have reached Kachi Lodge which is located in this vastness and near the Tunupa Volcano. While it’s true you are in the middle of emptiness, your eyes will set upon this property with its unique domes that serve as accommodations.

Lost Cities You Need to Explore This Summer

Great Zimbabwe has lured treasure hunters through the centuries which explains why it lies in ruins in sub-Saharan Africa. Of particular importance is the Great Enclosure – an ancient city that contains a building covered in chevron stone carvings…

Our Top 5 Favorite Romantic Destinations

Popular among the jet set like George and Amal Clooney and Prince William and Kate Middleton, this secluded private island located in the Indian Ocean has only 11 villas with plenty or nothing to do ranging from scuba and snorkeling to spa treatments.

Romantic Rendezvous this Valentine’s Day

What’s there not to like with cobblestoned piazzas, ancient fountains, The Spanish steps, al fresco dining, and Baroque-style churches? Hear the music play on the streets as you gaze into each other’s eyes.

The Top Wedding Trends Of 2019

In 2019 brides looking to outshine other weddings and parties will be pleased to know that gold wedding dresses are favored this year. According to Pinterest gold-colored dresses are up by 1,552 percent.