The New Super VIP Experience

When a person thinks about indulging in a VIP experience, what are their expectations?  Is it VIP seats at a concert or is it meeting your childhood sports hero?  Is it the label VIP that has society defining what a luxury experience actually is?  I mean to each of us it has a different connotation.  Perhaps it’s closing down your favorite restaurant for the night for an exclusive and private dinner for you and your date or it’s a private tour of the Vatican.

Well not to sound bourgeois but these days the VIP experience is out and has been replaced with the VVIP experience or perhaps as I like to call it – The Super Host Experience in which the luxury experience breathes new intimacy and customization.  It’s the type of experience that perhaps can only happen once in a lifetime because the level of commitment in acquiring it means time, research and of course, money!   This could mean asking your favorite actor to read lines with you, having a well-known composer write a song for you or perhaps asking your favorite fashion designer to spend the day shopping with you and then creating something that only you will have.  Maybe it’s having your favorite three star Michelin chef invite you in the kitchen to cook with him.

Tell me what your dream VIP experience is.